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Welcome to XT Design Co. I'm Christie (aka XT) & I'm the creative force behind this.

XT Design Co is a branding and design studio that strongly believes in the power of thoughtful design, and that means focusing the design process around its purpose. Break it down to its core.


Often the best design is finding the simplest way to communicate your brand's unique message. Luckily, I'm pretty good at helping brands to do just that. 

A custom-built brand design fosters strong brand awareness, retention, and conversion. It can make a monumental difference in a business' success. With years of experience, particularly with entrepreneurs and small businesses, I'd love to help you take this next step forward.

Graphic design had a way of following me around. My first branding project was a simple logo and merchandise design at the age of 14. I had volunteered for a non-profit organization that was focused on helping youth discover their passions, and I didn't know it at the time, but it would become where I found mine. 

 I quickly became enamoured with the whole creative process and I never stopped. 

XT Design Co. started in 2016, while I was still studying at the University of Waterloo (hi, Ontarians). I worked at the Faculty of Arts and School of Accounting and Finance to develop my skills, while designing websites, posters, and social content for every club that I was part of (there were many).


I kept on learning. I kept on designing.  

Early on, I sought branding opportunities from my connections, designing for everyone from makeup artists to social workers. Soon enough, those connections brought opportunities to me. 

Over 4 years now, I've helped over a dozen brands across North America to grow. And from here, I'm only going to keep designing. 

I'm Christie Van, I'm a passionate graphic designer and branding specialist based just outside of Toronto. 

I love design projects that test my creative ability. Pair that with my super eager-to-learn personality, it means I've designed on many mediums. 


I've designed for web, including logos, websites and social media content. I've also designed my fair share of print, including enamel pins, t-shirts, stickers, laptop decals, umbrellas, posters, and of course, business cards. Call me a jack of all trades! 

I graduated from the University of Waterloo, specializing in Speech Communication and Business, with a minor in Digital Arts Communication. With a few supporting courses in my degree, most of what I know of designing, SEO, and coding is self-taught! 

When I'm not designing, you'll find me relaxing by the ocean, perhaps playing some volleyball, or having a carpool karaoke session for one. 

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XT Design Co. 

based in Toronto, Canada

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