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A continuation of the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Arts mascot series. This adorable boar, fondly known as Porcellino is demonstrating how he spends his year. 

Designed strategically for use on t-shirts and pins.

earthday copy.png

Year: 2020 

Designed for: Faculty of Arts, University of Waterloo



To truly create a thoughtful and coherent design, it was important to understand the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Art's brand and learn about their mascot. 

Unconventional to some other academic programs, the Faculty of Arts positions themselves as a fun, creative program. These qualities needed to be reflected in the design. 



& mockup

As this design was created for enamel pins, t-shirts, and as a poster, the sketches needed to be conscious to these demands.

Each Porcellino was sketched with the physical enamel pin restrictions and limitations in mind, while adding a fun background that would look amazing when printed on the charcoal grey t-shirts. 

In these sketches, each Porcellino maintains a consistent element (his face and body), with the added fun elements in his attire and background. 



These are the final Porcellino designs created as vectors in Adobe Illustrator. 

The predominance of yellow/black, and orange was decided as they represent the University of Waterloo's and Faculty of Arts' brand colours, respectively. 



Now, this design can be used for lapel pins, t-shirts, posters, stickers, or even a future marketing campaign! 

With the vector files in their hands, the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Arts have limitless possibilities of use for these designs. 

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